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For those who are fundraising and

just need some extra help...

Who can apply for Conference Camperships?

Any church (UMC or other) may apply for Camperships.  We feel that our ministry is an extension of the ministry of the local church; campers may have a wonderful experience at one week of camp, yet in order to reap all the benefits of that experience, campers need nurturing and guidance in their Christian growth that their local church can provide all year long.

For this reason we do not allow individual families to apply on their own. Please get involved in your local church and ask your pastor or Camping Advocate to complete an application on your behalf.

Camperships are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Applications are accepted beginning March 1st.

How does my church apply?

Download the Campership Booklet & Application and review over all the information then send in the application.

Campership Booklet & Application
Click hereCamperships_files/CAMPERSHIPS%20Guideline%20Booklet%202015.pdf

Clean Closets for Campers

Here is a chance for you to clean out that clutter in your closet and benefit the children and youth in your church and community. Retreat and Camping Ministries is partnering with Mission Partners in Western PA to provide churches funds for their own camperships.


Camperships are financial scholarships that enable churches and families to send their children and youth to one of the Baltimore-Washington Conference Summer Camp Programs at West River Center and Manidokan Camp & Retreat Center.

Does your Church raise funds with:

: Bake sales

: Car Washes

: Yard work

: Yard Sales

: Youth Dinners

: Special Offerings

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